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This is to inform you that Ramin Safety Co, the registered company with the registration No. 7139 has successfully been awarded two certificates. Certificate No.3916 is awarded by Machinists and Millers Union but Certificate No.85/396 is awarded by Sellers Union of Helmet and Safety Equipment.


Ramin Safety Co has proudly 20 years of management background to manage fire protection projects including design and development of all Fire Extinguishing Machines, Van, and Ambulance as well as accessory components including Pump, Couplings, Motor Pump and so forth.


We supervise and take preventive actions for safety. The mentioned company, with Iranian civil liability insurance delivers free safety counseling too. Qualified experts as well as concerning staff are experienced in different fields of fire extinguishing sciences.


    So, regarding to the prolific background and experience in the above mentioned fields, we are fully prepared to deliver various fire extinguishing and safety services; we are fully ready to design , to execute, to install ,to deliver service and to maintain manual as well as automatic fire alarming units , and fire extinguishing systems, to sale various fire extinguishing capsules too.


Management of Ramin Safety Co esteems fruitful tact, opinions, recommendations and criticisms of you nobles. We undertake to proudly create a safe environment to do our best for honorable business cooperation.


Meanwhile, theoretical and operational training courses are enforced at your site before charging process of the fire extinguishing capsules. Charging process is enforced at concerning workshop under supervision of your lofty management.

All fire extinguishing capsules are tested and charged by fully automated systems.

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